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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> news 5 if is news 5 at 6:00. >> i open up the door and it was a guy on my banister and he asked me, can i call the police, that his brother had been shot. >> new developments tonight about a shooting involving young people in north college hill. good evening. things for joining us. courtis: one juvenile shooter is now behind bars and two victims are recovering. news 5 finds out in some good
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>> the good samaritans tommy one of the victims was lying on the sidewalk. the other victim actually lent help at their house. they tell me that they heard the came at the door and one of the victims knocked on the door and shot. she said she called 911 and the her that yet also been shot. thomas as she walked to the sidewalk and stay with both of the victims until police came. investigators say that another young person has now been charged with two counts of felony assault and tampering with evidence. detectives say that they recovered a weapon. >> i was just glad to be held to the young man. it was my child, i would want somebody to help my child, whether they are criminal or not , these children need to be
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>> the two victims were taken to using medical center and we are told that they are expected to be ok. live in r. kelly chill, -- courtis: we turn to weather. another mile day. a great weekend we had. news 5 meteorologist has the most accurate forecast. this was a bonus for january. erik: we had 64 degrees. yesterday, 63. we had more cloud cover this afternoon. through the evening, we will gradually see a few rain showers move in. so get in, because 64 degrees on the last day of january, a rare sight. no record high today, but close enough. to the west, plenty of cloud cover, even showers starting to pop. a cold front is going to mr. tonight, so if you are heading out the door tomorrow morning, do not expect the same stuff that we had on saturday and sunday.
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40' s, scenes some 30' s across southeast indiana. 35, connors fell. 42, -- even a chance for severe weather, we' ll talk more about that a few more minutes. courtis: a shopping center turns into an investigation scene after a driver plows through a grocery store front, this is the thing this afternoon. it is still unclear what caused this crash, nobody was hurt, no word on if a charges are being filed. courtis: a former ohio seminary student is expected in court tomorrow, accused of trying to buy abb for sex. the criminal complaint against the 23-year-old alleges he may previous attempts to obtain a child starting back in 2014. comment security agents arrested him in san diego on friday on his way to mexico.
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attending the seminary and columbus, ohio. >> >> a devastating outcome in the case of a missing virginia tech teenager. to call students are charged in the girl' s death. -- to college -- two college students are charged in the girl' s death. virginia tech freshman is murder. another virginia tech student was also charged in this case. >> i did not think that would happen to her because she was always the cutest little thing. feeling coming back. >> both suspects are in jail with no bond. investigators say the teenager
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another -- did know one another. commitment 2016, countdown to the iowa caucuses. candidates are spanned out all over iowa making their final pitches to voters. >> i wanted to hear him speak before i went and caucus tomorrow. >> they say donald trump can do practically anything and they are still voting for him. >> a new des moines magister -- register poll has donald trump in first place. ted cruises in a close second on by marco rubio. >> you vote for people and they go to washington and nothing changes. >> on the democratic side, mark o' malley trails far behind hillary clinton and bernie
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-- and is staying optimistic. the former maryland government -- governor told supporters to hold strong. >> sanders fired up a crowd and an afternoon rally. >> this is a campaign of the people, by the people, for the people. >> tomorrow night will come down to turn up -- turnout. >> you can register as late as caucus night and i will have a big impact on who comes out ahead. >> right now, several high school students are actually witnessing history in the making. they are in des moines or the iowa caucuses. i will show you some photos they sent to us. these were sent by their principal. 28 students in their advanced placement government and politics are taking it all in and say they have been to candidates.
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trip tonight on news 5 at 11:00. wright state university will debate this fall. they plan to spend about a million dollars on this event. they say -- 8 million dollars on this event. the debate is set 26. help and support continues for flint, michigan at the city struggles with its water crisis this weekend. rapper snoop dogg made a stop in flint and meet -- met with the mayor. he is one of many celebrities reaching out to help the city. pitt star of empire spoke with -- the hit star of empire spoke
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>> hearing the story firsthand further arranged me -- and range me and further inspired me -- enraged me and further inspired me. while the mayor continues to push for actions on the government, she appreciates the help for those now paying attention. folks here in greater cincinnati continue to stretch out their arms helping our neighbors to the north. members of the missionary baptist church have been collecting supplies all week and have filled nearly three large trucks with bottled water. leaders here have partnered with church leaders up in flint to make sure supplies go directly most. there is still some time for you to donate. you can drop off items between 10:00 and 5:00 or call the church directly. wayne
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happy news for a boy whose friend went missing. his mother gave him his dog fred when he was just three years old. that dog has been helping him through his grief. his mother died last march. fred, the dog, was discovered missing this week. his father said someone return the dog saturday afternoon. >> we don' t know who had him. we are just glad he is home. we don' t want to ruin the moment and worry about where he was. >> the family says the dog was checked out and had some bruising and possible broken bones. they are expected to take into the bed sometime this evening -- the vet sometime this evening. the boys are back in town.
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fans who lined up to see them had to say. >> temperatures are in the mild side. it will not last long. we talking about a roller coaster of temperatures and a
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>> welcome back, everyone. after traveling hundreds of miles and meeting thousands of fans and i states, the cincinnati reds -- in 5 five states -- in five states, the cincinnati reds are back home. >> it is great to see these guys up close. >> reds fans waited outside through the merle -- through the early morning hours to get up close and personal with their favorite reds. inside, the crowds flooded florence mall. the final stop of the reds caravan was a celebration of all things read. -- red. for fans and the organization.
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>> it is very cool. during the season we have very little time to meet with the fans. it is very special to see the fans light up. >> you are a great runner, have you mastered the art? >> i am on the way of mastering bunny. reporter: close to the memories while making new ones. do you want to raise -- do you want to race? reporter: as the red scare of an rolls into florence, you can get close and personal severe players. it is all about family. >> i just love being around the
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i love coming downtown during the baseball season. i love the excitement and energy. reporter: richard chiles, the wlwt news 5 news 5. mike: they will be playing the san francisco giants down at great american ball park. nick cap or failed to pick up his fourth game gold today. the athlete who made his start had earned three gold medals and ski slope style. aspen. he tweeted pictures of this time he was even showing support for cincinnati reds. cincinnati' accurate forecast.
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another break from winter today. result temperatures in the mid-60' s. it is still pretty nice out there. the one difference other than the cloud cover is that we a do have some cooler weather off to our west. it is going to make it cold for us tonight. the rain is moving through indiana. that is our cold front. we' re going to see some rain showers. later this evening we' ll see some sprinkles. other than that, there will not be a big deal. it be nice and mild. 61 degrees based hill, 64 brooksville, 60 in hillsboro, 59 degrees in wilmington, 63 in loveland. the reason for all of this weather is for winds from the south and southwest at about four miles per hour. that is giving us this springlike weather. the problem is we get this mild, especially when have a strong
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that is not part full enough to give us any threat for severe weather. it is just a few sprinkles. as we to the lookout west. we see heavy rain, heavy snows throughout the california, sully city in utah. it is going to bring the blizzard conditions. on the southern side we see severe weather. the severe weather is mostly going to be in the tennessee, mississippi river valleys. your forecast tomorrow, no severe level it -- severe weather here. and afternoon high of 51. cooler. still not bad. by the afternoon we silly a little bit of sunshine. as we head into tomorrow morning we' ll mostly don' t the rain. as we head into the afternoon, the clouds gradually begin to clear out. it looks like a nice afternoon
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tuesday is a completely different story. we are going to see southerly winds. as we hit the evening, it is going to explode off to the west. the stronger storms will be across tennessee and across southern kentucky and mississippi. we are on the northern fringes of this. we' ve to be on the lookout for what could be strong storms. we' re talking about the threat for gusty winds also some tornadoes. the best chance down through kentucky and tennessee. we could see some here as well. your forecast is 41 degrees. it is cool by the morning. as her head into the afternoon, we have a higher 51 including a little bit of sunshine. on tuesday, we have a close look on, severe storms onto wednesday. we see the power of the cold
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temperatures drop wednesday. it will mean flurries by wednesday afternoon. it will be a more typical weather pattern with highs in the 30' s and morning those in the 20' s. ohio state had a big-time matchups in the afternoon as opponent. reporter: marilyn to the trip to thinking upset. were excited would be an understatement. ohio state downtube. later in the half, marco loving getting the shot to fall and the foul. the buckeyes are up one point. more from the buckeyes. kam williams with a deep jumper. ohio state with a one-point lead. marilyn would gather their composure.
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marilyn holds on six he 6-61 win over ohio state. other games of no , the kentucky women were on the road, the sec taking on florida. we were not able to pull this one out. michaela apps, finished with 27 points and seven rebounds. as for the louisville cardinals. the cardinals have won 14 straight games after being wait for us. 70-54. maria moore finished with 26 points and wife rebounds. the musketeers are coming off a win over to paul. the muskies had three guys on the starting lineup dropped three figures. two guys off the bench finished with 12 points. >> two guys stood up to me.
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our team is a deep team. we are an unselfish team. we sacrifice a little bit. for the greater good. you did a phenomenal job. 16-6 cincinnati bearcats will be back in action thursday night. south florida will be in town for a 8 p.m. kickoff. society will go for their fourth straight victory. we still have a lot more coming up in sports including a look at the propyl, you have to check out this mike dub segment on bengals wide receiver a.j.
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re wat reporter: as the sole earlier in the show the reds caravan made their final stop on tour on sunday. for the final reds caravan location of 2016. they made the trip to the mall to take questions with the reds. he also people like jewel morgan
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>> we cannot compete with the dodgers and yankees as far as payroll goes. however we can be the best at draft thing in finding the best young talent. developing it in the our system. using it to bring back champion ship baseball in cincinnati. x we need to do is young guys. they need go out there and do it day in and day out. we were going to surprise them. reporter: the pro will kick off in less than hour. geno atkins was named team captain. a.j. green was miked up during one of the practices.
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i went to the gym for five minutes. he was like you want to get on the elliptical? that is always good. yeah i think where going to get in line. how does this look on my hat? too much. reporter: having a little fun. more players perspectives. andrew told us that they practice for about an hour and a half each day. the rest is time they were on the beach or in the pool. kickoff for the propyl in hawaii is set for 7 p.m.. you can watch that on espn. that is what the propyl is all
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go to hawaii, have some fun. they still get paid though. reporter: it is a little bit about winning and losing and the beach. a final check of our weather. reporter: this weekend' s weather is is close as we are going to get to hawaii for a long time. tomorrow is 31 degrees. tuesday will be warm, it will be windy. we are tracking the chance for severe weather tuesday night and wednesday. we' ll be back in february. reporter: back to
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